The Senté Center, Inc. is an innovative private practice and training facility established in 1992 in the USA and New Zealand. Sente training offers an understanding of the role of non-ordinary energy in our lives and its power to promote profound personal growth and change.

The Center is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and organizations strive for personal and collective greatness, mastery of attention, and energetic empowerment.

Founders, Paul and Patricia Richards, are pioneers in the field of Applied Energetics. They are educated professionals who enjoyed successful careers in aerospace and medicine prior to forming the Senté Center. Their work is one of the most powerful, practical approaches to embracing Energy in daily life that has yet been developed.


Class Excerpt from Patty's Intro to Wild Attraction Class
Why Ruthlessly Practical Love? | Listen

Sente Center | P.O. Box 3308 | Ashland | Oregon | 97520
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